Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street


This 150-year-old hospital has grown over a century and a half to occupy adjoining period buildings and specialist new build additions.  This creates unique access challenges due to unequal floor levels, resulting in no two lifts serving all floor levels.  Effectively every lift is a critical piece of the hospital infrastructure; some of these lifts are among the busiest in Ireland required for continuous operation 24/7.

Since 2003 Accel Lifts have partnered with the Children’s University Hospital providing a comprehensive lift service to ensure the efficient and smooth running of this vital element of hospital infrastructure.

Working with the hospital authorities we have modernised some lifts, replaced others and provided new lifts to recent wings of the hospital.


Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street


Lift Details:

Passenger and Bed / Passenger Lifts



  • Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street