Lift Standards

Accel Lifts ensures all new lifts are designed and installed to:

  • Latest applicable standard for the lift type
  • CE marked as required by EU Regulation
  • Designed to be fully compliant to all Health & Safety and Accessibility standards

Accel Lifts hold a complete suite of ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, 18001 OHSAS (Health & Safety) and design accreditation to the EU Lift Regulations

Lift Traffic Analysis

Lift Traffic Analysis is critical when designing for new construction or dealing with a change of use or upgrade of an existing building.

 A Lift Traffic Analysis performed by Accel Lifts will take account of the unique circumstances for each particular building and will determine the anticipated average wait time, round trip time and handling capacity that a proposed lift installation will yield.

Shaft Planning

It is critical at Design Stage to ensure that the lift shaft is correctly sized to suit the type, size and speed for the proposed lift.

Solutions available for entrances on up to three sides of the lift cabin.

Cabin Design

Accel Lifts offer a wide range of standard and bespoke cabin designs to suit any situation and design requirement.

Accel have standard design ranges for laminate, wood veneer, stainless steel and glass with panoramic options also available.  Bespoke one-off designs are regularly provided to customers.


IoT – The Internet of Things is here!

  • Connect to the wider world with in-cabin full colour TFT display screens
  • Remote monitoring of the performance of the lift
  • GSM interface & SIM provide lift autodiallers with an alternative to fixed telephone landlines

Energy Recovery System

Recover up to 70% of otherwise “Lost” energy on New or Existing lifts with Accel Lifts ERS – Energy Recovery System.   This stored energy will be used to power the lift on later journeys