Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) – is essential to the longevity of any lift. Preventative lift maintenance minimises breakdowns and emergency repairs, and improves reliability keeping lift downtime to a minimum. It is also a requirement under the Health & safety at Work Act (General Application Regulations) that lifts should be maintained.

Accel Lifts Limited is recognised by our many clients as a proven alternative lift maintenance provider to the original equipment manufacturer and installer of everything from the simple stairlifts to complex, high-speed, high-rise, group control lift systems installed by the major international manufacturers, such as Otis, Schindler, Kone, Orona, Thyssen.

Many of our long-term clients have benefited from our proven pro-active and friendly approach to meeting and/or exceeding our client’s expectations and we can do this for you.

With Accel lift maintenance, we focus on providing traditional, rather than modular servicing (which involves quick visual inspections). By undertaking full preventative maintenance (in line with EN13015), we carry out a full maintenance of the lift equipment, thereby preventing problems and breakdowns before they happen.

We have a large and well stocked storage facility at our office in Kimmage and all our vans carry a stock of essential lift parts. During each maintenance visit, we take the time to fully inspect and test with diagnostic tools for all make of lifts, service, lubricate and where needed make adjustments to ensure optimum performance. We also make sure to log every action in an on-site log card, so you have a full record of your lift’s service history on site, together with the maintenance and repair history of lifts on our Accel Assist 24/7 system.

Our unique Accel Assist 24/7 system delivers cloud-based software, giving customers online access to their service records and schedules for maintenance and repairs from anywhere and at any time.

Health & Safety and Regulatory Compliance are fundamental to Accel Lifts core values – our customers can rest assured that our products and maintenance services are 100% certified and accredited to the latest standards. We practice and promote safe and environmentally sound practices around the world. We comply with all environmental lift health and safety laws within Ireland. We design and integrate Environmental lift Health and Safety into our products, facilities and installation and maintenance management systems.

For further information, or to discuss your lift maintenance needs with one of our lift experts in the Dublin based call centre please contact us at or call +353 1 490 4555.

Some of our clients include