Accel Assist 24/7

What is Accel Assist?

Accel Assist is our internet based Customer Information Portal and Service Management System. As a cloud based system it offers you the customer, 24/7 access to real time information of your lifts.

Key Benefits of Accel Assist

  • 24/7 accessibility from a Tablet, Smartphone or Desktop Browser is just a click away.
  • Easy to use customer portal, with dashboard to view all worksheets for maintenance, callouts and repairs to your lifts.
  • Worksheets have on-screen signature capture and are time & date stamped with photos of the work and parts.
  • Go Green – Accel Assist is a paperless, environmentally friendly system.
  • Flexible set up options, allowing complete view for all users or, site only access. This feature is ideal for facility management teams.
  • Secure login, password protected from our website

Accel Assist is an added benefit included as standard within the annual cost of your maintenance contract.

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