Lift Modernisation

As lift equipment ages, reliability and performance can become an issue. It is not always necessary to replace an existing lift. Lift modernisation can often prove to be a more economic and less disruptive solution.

  • Reliability
    As equipment ages reliability can become an issue, resulting in more frequent breakdowns and increased downtime.  Sometimes the only solution is to replace key / major lift components.
  • Health & Safety / Insurance Reports
    Every lift is required to have a Regular Thorough Examination at 6 monthly intervals by an independent assessor. This is separate to the maintenance regime on the lift.  An insurance inspector may require that major lift components are replaced to meet current health and safety standards and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Aesthetics
    Fashions change and so does lift cabin interior design.  After a number of years in operation the interior of a lift can become worn and tired looking.  A cabin refurbishment can give a new lease of life to any lift.
  • Change of Building Use
    Throughout its lifetime, a building may have a change of use or experience increased demand.  This may necessitate lift replacement or lift modernisation to cope with these changes.

Office Refurbishment, Dublin

Accel Lifts offer a variety of standard and bespoke modernisation packages designed to update and improve the reliability and safety of existing lift equipment.

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